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Training & Enrichment

Have a dog that's struggling with behavior issues?

Bringing home a new puppy or rescue dog?

Need help getting your dog's training to the next level?

We can help!

Our training program is perfect for those who:

  • Care about having a strong, trusting relationship with their dog more than a perfect dog

  • Want to establish boundaries and expectations, deepen understanding, and develop effective communication that goes both ways

  • Don't want to use harsh methods or outdated techniques

A chocolate lab puppy on its back playing with the hand of the person behind the camera.

Done-With-You Options

Follow Up Session - $150

Classes - TBA

Drop-in Practice - TBA

Follow Up Sessions:

Meet with our trainer at your home or in the community where you need the training help. They'll coach you through a training plan and support you while you're learning to train your own dog.

Classes and Drop-in Practice:

We're currently scouting locations to have group classes!

Start Here: Assessment


All dogs coming into our training and enrichment program meet with our Lead Trainer at their home for about 90 minutes to review their history, set training goals, go over any prior training, observe current behavior, and develop a training or enrichment plan. A detailed write up is sent afterwards with training instructions and example videos.


No commitment required. You can get your report and do your own thing or sign up later.


Assessment to start services is valid for up to 6 months. 

Two clients next to their black pitbull dog who is lying down on a pink blanket chewing his bone during a training session.
Our trainer, Nikki, a middle aged white women holding a toy above a  pure white mixed breed puppy with pink ears as he sits.
Already have a trainer?

We can help implement training plans from other positive reinforcement trainers!

Training Packages

Start Right - 4 Week Plan

Initial Assessment

4 Day Training Sessions

2 Follow Up Sessions

4 Training Walks

Access to Google Photos Album w/ Training videos

Ability to submit videos for review 

Check-in calls as needed

Unlimited email and text support


We know each person's needs are unique and life can be unpredictable, that's why we offer superior flexibility in our services. We can build a custom package to fit your needs.

Done-for-You Options

Day Training - $75/ 45 minutes

Training Walks - $45/ 45 minutes

Training House Sits - $150/ 24 hours

Day Training: 

Have a trainer come to your house while you're at work or running errands and they'll work with with your dog there or take them into the community to train. You'll get videos of your dog training and weekly communications about how your dog is doing and what homework you need to do. Periodic Follow Up Sessions REQUIRED to transfer skills.

Training Walks:

Have a member of our training team work on skills your dog already knows or get extra enrichment in. This is also a great option for dogs who are working through reactivity and need controlled exposures. Periodic Follow Up Sessions may be required in some cases.


Training House Sits

Like a board and train, except in your own home! We also don't have a minimum length requirement like board and trains. Training house sits are powerful because they give our training team a much more complete picture of what's going on with your dog in the environment they live in. Usually, our trainer only sees your dog for an hour on the weekend in the middle of the day. But what if most of your dogs struggles happen right before bedtime? Or when everybody takes their dogs out for a walk at 6 pm? With a training house sit, our training team can see that and start implementing a training right away.

A big black dog sits panting in front of a shrub with white blooms.
A black pitbull with a white chest laying down partially on the leg of our training assistant.


Day Training - $75

Training Walks - $45

All training options can be modified to focus on enrichment. This is an excellent option for dogs who need more to do, who have exercise restrictions, or who have behavior modification plans that restrict exposure to triggers. 

What is enrichment?

In a nutshell, enrichment is any activity that makes your dog feel satisfied and fulfilled. Enrichment is a critical component of animal welfare that is often overlooked. Is your dog still hyped after an hour-long walk? It probably wasn't enriching enough. In fact, it could have been frustrating or stressful, which makes matters worse. 

Here's a short list of enriching activities:

  • Playing

  • Sniffing interesting things

  • Hopping onto or over things

  • Exploring

  • Digging

  • Sunning

  • Solving a food puzzle

  • Chewing

  • Training!

We can work any number of these activities into your dog's schedule. 

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