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Overnight Care

Want your dog to stay cozy in your home while you're gone?

Or maybe you'd like them to stay at your walker's place?

Or you'd like them to learn some new skills while you're away...

We can do that!

We offer a variety of options that can meet you and your dog's needs. With a locally based company, you can rest easy knowing you won't have to cut your vacation short because we have a team that can step in to help if something happens.

A red Chesapeake bay retriever sits on a colorful armchair with a bright green plant.

House Sitting

$100 per night

$40 for additional dog

$10 for holidays

Keep your dog where they are comfortable and in a routine close to their established routine. Never worry about needing to cut your trip short because a sitter falls through because we have a team to step in and help.

Training House Sit

$150 per 24 hour period

$75 additional dog

$25 for holiday

One of our training assistants, under the supervision of the trainer, will come to your house and stay with your pup. This gives our training team the ability to more fully evaluate our client dogs in their environment. We also get to do training where it's going to be used.

A chocolate lab puppy lays down in his bed while the training assistant hold his leash while working on a laptop.
A little dog with white, black, and tan markings in a field with yellow flowers puts his nose up to the camera.


Contact for current rates

One of our staff members can keep your dog in their home while you're away. Limited availability.

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